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Basic information about a medical organization

STATE BUDGETARY INSTITUTION OF HEALTH "CLINICAL HOSPITAL No. 4" is a state budgetary institution that provides medical services to the population.
Here, they provide scheduled and emergency medical care around the clock. The advantage of our multidisciplinary institution is the ability to complete the entire diagnostic and treatment process, while maintaining consistency and continuity in the interests of the patient.
The healthcare institution employs qualified, experienced doctors who are constantly improving their skills. Among the medical staff - a candidate of medical sciences, Honored Doctor of the Russian Federation, doctors with the honorary title "Excellent Health".
The first part of the medical unit of the Plant of Medicines took in 1965. From that moment, the history of the Penza City Hospital No. 4 began.
Currently, this multidisciplinary medical institution has a hospital with allergological, therapeutic, endocrinological, pulmonological departments, as well as a department for thermal lesions. To make the correct diagnosis as soon as possible, the hospital has modern radiological (high-resolution digital radiological apparatus, computed tomography of OGK) and laboratory research methods available around the clock. Thanks to modern equipment, which is installed in the clinical diagnostic laboratory, specialists get the most accurate results of biochemical and bacteriological analyzes. In addition to medicines, physiotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage, inhalation are used in the treatment of diseases.
In the clinical diagnostic department, ultrasound diagnostics of the hepatobiliary system, kidneys, bracheocephalic arteries, veins and arteries of the lower and upper extremities, echocardiography are performed.

The algorithm for contacting a medical organization for foreign citizens

The rules for the provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens on the territory of the Russian Federation were approved by Decree of the Government of the Russian Federation of March 6, 2013 N 186.

1. These Rules determine the procedure for providing medical assistance to foreign citizens in the territory of the Russian Federation.

2. Medical assistance to foreign citizens temporarily residing (temporarily) or permanently residing in the Russian Federation is provided by medical and other organizations carrying out medical activities regardless of their legal form, as well as by individual entrepreneurs engaged in medical activities (hereinafter referred to as medical organizations) .

3. Emergency medical care for sudden acute diseases, conditions, exacerbation of chronic diseases that pose a threat to the patient’s life, is provided to foreign citizens by medical organizations free of charge.
4. Foreign citizens who are insured in accordance with the Federal Law "On Compulsory Medical Insurance in the Russian Federation" are entitled to free medical care under compulsory medical insurance.
5. Ambulance, including emergency, specialized medical assistance is provided to foreign citizens in case of diseases, accidents, injuries, poisonings and other conditions requiring urgent medical intervention.

The medical organizations of the state and municipal health systems provide the specified medical assistance to foreign citizens free of charge.

6. Emergency medical care (with the exception of emergency, including specialized emergency medical care) and a planned form is provided to foreign citizens in accordance with agreements on the provision of paid medical services or voluntary medical insurance agreements and (or) concluded in favor of foreign citizens referred to in paragraph 4 of these Rules, contracts in the field of compulsory medical insurance.

7. Medical care in a planned form is provided subject to the written submission by a foreign citizen of a guarantee of fulfillment of an obligation to pay the actual cost of medical services or to prepay medical services based on the estimated volume of the provision of these services (with the exception of cases of medical care in accordance with paragraph 4 of these Rules), as well as the necessary medical documentation (extract from the medical history, data from clinical, radiological, laboratory and other studies) When it is available.
8. After completing the treatment of a foreign citizen, an extract from medical documentation is sent to his address or to the address of a legal or natural person representing the interests of a foreign citizen, in agreement with the specified citizen, indicating the period of provision of medical care in a medical organization, as well as measures taken for prevention, diagnosis , treatment and medical rehabilitation.
Medical documentation sent from the Russian Federation to another state is filled in in Russian.

9. Invoices for actually rendered medical care within 10 days after the end of treatment are sent by a medical organization to a foreign citizen or legal or natural person representing the interests of a foreign citizen, unless otherwise provided by the contract in accordance with which it was rendered (for except in the case of medical care in accordance with paragraph 4 of this Regulation).
10. Disputes related to the provision of medical care or untimely payment of invoices for actually provided medical care are resolved in the manner prescribed by the legislation of the Russian Federation.

11. If an international treaty of the Russian Federation establishes a different procedure for the provision of medical assistance to foreign citizens, the rules of the international treaty apply.


Free admission, hospitalization of foreign citizens is carried out in emergency cases, as well as in the presence of a voluntary or compulsory health insurance policy.

Contact Information

Address: 440067, Russian Federation, Penza Region,

Penza, Svetlaya St., 1

Phone: +7 (8412) 56-87-70

Fax: +7 (8412) 56-87-70



Pulmonary department - specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of bronchopulmonary pathology. The department is equipped with oxygen systems, which allows you to compensate for respiratory failure. Also, in the conditions of the department, nebulizer therapy using bronchodilators, inhaled glucocorticosteroids, and mucolytics is used. In pleurisy, pleural puncture with cytological and bacteriological examination of the resulting fluid is widely used. Also, all doctors of the department follow the principles of rational antimicrobial therapy that meets modern standards of patient management.



The endocrinology department provides planned and emergency care to patients suffering from diseases of the endocrine system.

The priority area is the diagnosis and treatment of diabetes, patient education.
Patients with diabetes mellitus are selected adequate sugar-lowering therapy, including innovative drugs.
The main task is to educate patients with diabetes by the method of self-control, the technique of insulin injections, the calculation of bread units, and the adaptation of the treatment to specific living conditions.

The allergology department conducts the following medical and diagnostic measures: treatment of exacerbations of severe and moderate bronchial asthma, urticaria of various origins. ASIT in patients with asthma and impaired immunity, treatment of patients with immunodeficiencies - immunocorrection is carried out.

The therapeutic department performs:

  • diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation measures for diseases of a therapeutic profile that do not require being in a specialized department to provide medical care in the "therapy" profile;
  • in the department, measures are being developed and carried out to improve the quality of the medical diagnostic process and put into practice new methods of diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation of patients;

Since September 2019, beds for palliative care began to function on the basis of the Clinical Hospital No. 4 Clinical Hospital. Special equipment was purchased for the rehabilitation of persons with severe illnesses.

The burn department treats patients of different age categories from two weeks to old age. The department employs surgeons who have received appropriate training in combustiology on the basis of the Republican Burn Center in N. Novgorod and on the basis of RAMI in Moscow. Regarding thermal injury and its consequences, operations such as: autodermoplasty (including early necrectomy with simultaneous autodermoplasty), reconstructive surgery for various cicatricial contractures and deformities, application of milling holes with osteonecrectomy in case of skull burns, osteonecrectomy, are performed tissues, amputation of limbs, at different levels and a number of other operations.
High qualification of doctors, nurses, nurse practitioners, caring staff for the injured - all this contributes to the speedy treatment of patients.


List of medical services

The list of medical services not provided for by the program state guarantees of free provision of medical care to citizens in the Penza region and other services provided by the GBUZ "Clinical Hospital No. 4"

Medical services of state institutions under contracts with legal entities and entrepreneurs of the private healthcare system:

Name of service


Computed tomography of the chest cavity